WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chainsaw Review

Do you need a powerful yet easy-to-use chainsaw? WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp. is the product you need. The saw works perfectly on all size trees and branches. I bought mine after reading several reviews about chainsaws and just as the customer reviews mentioned, it never disappointed. Personally, I have been using canola oil, and it seems fine but it’s your choice to make.

Something else about WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp. is that it is cheaper than most of the chainsaws in the market. It is also eco-friendly and cuts smoothly, no much energy needed. However, as you are buying it, you can consider buying an extra chain oil, it can save you on a bad day.

Auto-Tension System

This feature about WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp. stands out and makes the saw usable by just anyone. You don’t have to be a lumberjack for you to use the saw. This is because the WORX chain saw has a single, oversized knob whose function is to secure automatically the chain and the bar to maintain proper tension while operating.

WORX auto-tensioning system too works to extend bar and chain life by eliminating chances of over-tightening. Stability during tree or branch cutting is enhanced by the all-metal dogs added at the base of the bar.

WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw

Easy-to-Lubricate Sprocket

You don’t have to worry about your WORX chain saw’s life because, with this easy-to-lubricate sprocket that is on the bar nose will help preserve the life of your tool. The lubrication makes the machine work smoothly, and whether you are cleaning up a wooded area or just cutting excess branches, you won’t sweat a bit.

Due to auto-chain lubrication, the tool’s chain remains in a good condition, and you can use it for years without tear or wear. The saw is powerful enough even for the toughest jobs because it produces 3.5 horsepower. The reason I mentioned that it is eco-friendly is because this WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp. offers gas-free operation.

Features and Specifications:

  • Electric-powered
  • 16” bar length
  • Chain mechanism that prevents over-tightening
  • Low kickback bar
  • Safety chain stop
  • Auto chain lubrication
  • 5 HP
  • 5 Amp
  • Single, oversized knob
  • All-metal dogs
  • Easy-to-lubricate sprocket
  • Comes in plastic, copper and steel construction
  • Orange and black finish

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Customer Reviews and Scores

WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp. is a powerful tool, and as I mentioned above, I made the decision to buy it after reading customer reviews. I found 480 customer reviews at the time of writing, and the average score of the tool was 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Overall, these reviews were positive but I came across a customer review mentioning that the chain binds quicker. However, it was just that one review out of the many I read so I assumed it’s not a widespread problem.

I have been using mine, and I have not seen the problem. This is why I find it easy to recommend the WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp.

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Final Verdict

In a nutshell, I can describe this product as powerful, easy-to-use, cheap and environmentally friendly. If you love trees, then you should love WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp. I know love working on my trees, and I am not alone. Most buyers mentioned the same thing too. Order yours today and join my club. Good Luck!

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