Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 Top Handle Chainsaw Review

The chainsaw and its use have exponentially increased in the recent years. Chainsaw facilitates the user and makes his work extremely easy, but it is essential to choose the right chainsaw for it is one of the extremely dangerous, powers driven equipment. The proper training of the user and the reference to the manufacturer’s manual and instruction are a must and at no cost be avoided.

One should know about the safety features the tool provides and should make a proper check on those, prior usage. The most common encountered problem in a chainsaw is “kickback problem”.

One should know the type of chain used in the chainsaw and the depth gauge it provides and act accordingly to minimize the chances of kickback which can be fatal at times.

Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw with Pure Fire Engine is observed to give the best experience to the user. It provides for extra safety and caters to the varied needs of the user perfectly, giving them an absolute safe working experience.

Why to choose Tanaka TCS 33 EDTP/14 32.2 cc Top Handle 14 inch Chain Saw with The Pure Fire Engine?

Tanaka TCS 33 EDTP/14 32.2 cc Top Handle 14 Inch Chain Saw with The Pure Fire Engine:

No Kickback

It uses a perfectly sharpened chain with a high depth gauge. The chain is specially manufactured and made compatible with the perfectly finished guide bar and saw.

The depth gauge is appropriately set to handle the varied thickness and size of objects and it provides a better grip and control to the user. No matter whether you are experienced or just new in the field, you could handle this chain saw with utter ease without facing any major difficulty.

tanaka chainsaw review

Safety First

Protectors and safeties are especially employed to minimize any kickback without compromising with the capacity and efficiency of the chainsaw. Bars, specially carved are used which further enhances the capability of the chainsaw to avoid any chances of a kickback

Brakes Make Operation Easy

The most effective, spring loaded, chain brakes, facilitates the user in the operation. It also gets activated if any kickback is observed and thus safeguards the operator completely. The time taken to stop the driven chain under full RPM is given a greater consideration and ensured that it takes just a fraction of a second for the same.

The use half throttle and purge primer bulb for easy starting makes it the favorite. It also has a built in lanyard ring which allows easy and safe climbing. This feature is not available in any other similar product.

Features and specifications:

  • Weight: 12.4 lbs
  • Bar length: 14 inches
  • Engine: 32.2 cc/ 1.6 hp

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Customer Reviews and Scores

I cut from five to ten cords of fire wood each year and use four different chainsaws- all of which are still brand–what I wanted was a small, light and easy to handle chainsaw for climbing the trees I cut down. I also wanted something that would last and wasn’t poorly made, I did my research on this saw and this brand and now that I have been using it and have even fell some smaller trees, I feel it has met all of my criteria.

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Grab One Before The Stock Lasts

Tanaka TCS 33 EDTP/14 32.2 cc Top Handle 14 Inch Chain Saw with Pure Fire Engine is observed to be a hot selling item on Amazon and in no time gets starved. The special features and the most modern safety devices employed in it makes it the favorite buy, which is further accelerated by the low price offered in the range.

This is the product which needs no prior research, given the overwhelming appreciating feedback from the customers. Hurry, make your right move now.

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