Poulan Pro PP5020AV Gas Powered Chainsaw Review

Are you looking for a machine that makes work look like slicing butter? Something that’s highly effective and has few maintenance provisions? Compact, sharp and ascetically pleasing, Husqvarna’s 20” bar length Gas Powered Chain Saw seems to be the ideal purchase! Just under 55cc, the Poulan Pro PP5020AV comes highly recommended for any medium duty task that needs felling, lambing, bucking and pruning.

Colored in orange and black uniform, it is your traditional chain saw with the new age effective aptitudes with quality parts, all wrapped into one solid machine. The power-to-fuel ratio is very economic and constant oil refills become less frequent. Furthermore, this great tool is sold under the price of 200$ inclusive of a twenty-four month warranty!

The OEM Chain

The OEM chain is durable as seen from other Husqvarna models. Moreover, the chain mechanism is very user-friendly. Firstly, the chain breaks in inertia and so there is a double chain break to create awareness to the user when doing a task.

Secondly, regardless of any chain-break, it is still interchangeable. So if the chain is tightly placed, it is readjust able. Furthermore, the model has an inbuilt oiler, so chain lubrication is done automatically.

Poulan Pro PP5020AV Gas Powered Chainsaw Review

Dual-Life Engine

It has a 50 cc 2 Stroke engine to ensure precision and quality of work. With a commendable high cutting performance, one can be assured of a cheaper fuel economy as well. Fueled on gas, your main goal is to reduce fuels costs as much as possible and still get great work done. Although the Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch is one of the smaller models on the market, it has the life-capacity of larger gas fueled chain saws in the market.

Quality in-Model Logistics

Only carrying a 20” bar in length, is ideal for medium duty operations. General property maintenance and firewood cutting can be easily done with the Poulan Pro PP5020AV. The saw also comes with a durable, super clean air filter system so it’s safer when handling the tool and ensures you maintain a steady work process. Moreover, it has an on – board locking wrench holder for steady and firm workmanship, not forgetting an absorbent handle that eases the vibrations while working.

Features and Specifications:

  • Dual-life Engine
  • Durable Clean Air Filter
  • Automatic Chain Lubrication
  • Absorbent Vibration Handle
  • EPS- Effortless Pull Starting
  • 50cc Cylinder Capacity
  • OEM Interchangeable Chain
  • Orange and Black Coat
  • A Compact Carrying Case

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Customer Reviews and Scores

I’ve run chainsaws for 35+ yrs, cutting firewood and cleaning up after storms. This saw’s the latest- bought for $180. Runs great as delivered- just had to loosen chain a bit, and apply a small bead of silicone around the air filter.

The saw seems to have a good quality chain. I have cut one tree down and cut it up and the chain is still very sharp. The saw has good power. Fuel and oil consumption seem fine. Overall it is a nice tool.

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Final Verdict

User friendly, economic and quality performance are just some of the great features the Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw provides. This machine promises to get the work done with great efficiency. It also has a longer-life period on just a 50cc fuel capacity as compared to other larger models.

Keen on reducing user fatigue, the Poulan Pro PP5020AV is ideal to do as many duties at home like cutting firewood or in view of various tasks in general property management. The machine comes with a compact carrying case which makes it portable. All in all, a two year guarantee is provided in the case there are any technical problems.

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