Makita XCU02Z 18V Lithium-Ion (36V) Cordless Chainsaw Review

If you are a Makita fan, this is another Makita product that you will like. Even for daily use, Makita XCU02Z X2 Lithium-Ion 18V will withstand the pressure and still perform perfectly. This version of a cordless chainsaw is battery powered, a fact that adds to its perfect general performance.

It produces no smelly fumes, no noise from vibration as it is with gas saws, and their power is incomparable to gas saws. They cut deeper and fast! The batteries last longer, and this makes them even more economical compared to gas saws. No gas, no maintenance bills.

Makita XCU02Z is Powerful Machine

With a top-notch battery, Makita lithium ion, and a motor delivering up to 1,650 FPM, this chainsaw has an incredible power that you will like when working in your yard or your property cleanup. If you use randomly contracted laborers, this tool is a must-have for you. Reason being, it is the only chainsaw that won’t break even once during regular use.

If you are an Arborist, again this will be a must-have too. Reason? No need to feed gas and you will cut on cost because it needs no costly maintenance. You can use it for downed trees and a ton of trimming.

Makita XCU02Z Chainsaw

No Noise, No Smell

Are there times that you can’t work on your neighbor is relaxing right outside because the noise from your saw might disturb them? Or do you hate working in your yard because you can’t stand the smell that comes from the gas saw?

Well, Makita just got a solution for you. This Makita chainsaw is battery charged, and it is designed to give very little vibrations hence resulting to no noise in operation. With this machine, you can trim shrubs while your neighbor is right there reading a book, but they won’t complain about the noise.

About the smells, you will never have to deal with them anymore. With these long life and rechargeable batteries, you will totally enjoy using your machine. You can also carry it on the back or your car after use because it has no gas fumes like best grinder.

Features and Specifications

  • Makita-built motor delivers up to 1,650 FPM. This increases cutting speed
  • Lower noise. 89dB (A) which improves user comfort
  • 12 inch Guide Bar which increases capacity
  • Tool-less chain adjustment. This gives convenient operation and easy maintenance
  • Two Lithium-Ion batteries, 18LXT.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

This product had 30 customer reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. I went through all these reviews, and they were all positive.

However, one review mentioned that the machine cannot be used to cut large bushes. She said that it took her much time, and the results were not cleaner. But, from the replies her comments got and the reviews of other customers, she probably had weaker batteries that gave less cutting power.

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Final Verdict

To summarize, this machine is great. If you have a landscaping business, this is your go-to tool. I highly recommend it not only because it’s better than gas saws, but because of its efficiency and ease of use while giving the user the best working environment ever! Clean, quiet, and efficient. Order yours today and have a different tree cutting experience.

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