How to use a Chainsaw? [Step by Step Guide]

There have been a lot of accidents in the recent past that come along with the use of chainsaw. This normally happens often due to the inadequate knowledge on the use of chainsaws. Chainsaws are used for removing branches from downed trees, cutting an upright tree to fall into desired direction and tree bucking. Whether you are an armature or professional user of chainsaw, the following techniques and guidelines will help you on how to use a chainsaw:

Check on The Chainsaw

Ensure that the chainsaw has the following functional parts; handlers, controls, bar, chain sharpness and tension and that there is sufficient lubricating oil. As a safety precaution fills the chainsaw with fuel and lubricating oil while it’s on the ground and that it’s not hot.

Carry all the needed particulars that are used by the chainsaw. Have all the maintenance kits to ensure that you use the chainsaw without experiencing any form of challenge.

how to use a chainsaw

Wearing Protective Clothing

The chainsaw operator should ensure that they have put on a safety helmet, hearing protection, chainsaw boots and legs and groin protection and gloves subject to the risk analysis of the situation. When using the chainsaw there might occur some eventualities and for this reason ensure that you carry first aid kit.

The kit is of relevance as it comes with many medical types of equipment that will comfort you in case of injury. Observe the manufacturers manual to check on the mode of dressing you should put on when using the chainsaw as like as best framing nailer.

Starting The saw

When starting the chainsaw ensure that it is well placed on the ground, push the handle forward while you’ve placed the rear against your right leg inclining the chainsaw towards the right squeezing with it with your left foot and press the choke.

Chainsaw is powerful when started. This demands high observation of body posture. You need to be stronger so as to counter the power of the chainsaw. When handling the chainsaw, ensure that you get devoid of shaking hands, this might be catastrophic. Hold the chainsaw with powerful hands with your legs well rooted on the ground.

Handling The saw

Maintain your left hand on the front handle. One should also watch out for crawling animals, at all times ensure a good body posture and keep a safe distance from the falling tree.

These are safety precautions and techniques that one should observe when handling a chainsaw.

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