GreenWorks GCS80450 Chainsaw Review

For tree lovers, you can’t say that you have moved to the generation of portable power tools if you haven’t bought Greenworks GCS80450 chainsaw 80V-Inch Cordless . With 80V Lithium batteries and DigiPro Brushless motor, you will get all the power you need at a button touch.

No messing around with oil and no fumes from gases. This makes an absolute replacement for gas saws, and it comes with an added efficiency and ease of operation. No hassle, no sweat! If you dislike wasting time on a corded chainsaw, then you will like this product because it is cordless.

All you do is click the button, and you will be ready to start working unlike in other cases where you to prepare a gasoline engine first for operation. You will also like the silence a fume less operation. Carbon monoxide vapors have never been anyone’s favorite kind of gas!


The users of these products are either seeking exercise or for commercial purposes. In either case, no one will prefer a heavy machine because you might end up tired and with really painful body joints. Greenworks GCS80450 chainsaw 18” chainsaw design makes it lightweight hence making it ideal especially for those planning to work longer hours.

The product’s lightweight combines with an excellent balance between the back and the front. The bar in the front and the large handles in the back gives users plenty of locations that they can grab onto while cutting trees or limbs and at various angles. You will rarely experience fatigue or painful hands and shoulders with this product.

greenworks gcs80450 chainsaw

Great Cutting Power

You will not have to spend hours on just a single tree. The 80V motor’s raw torque is just impressive. You cannot compare it with any of the gas saws because it is way too better. It has enough power to drag its chain across the tree and at a higher speed.

Vibrations do not count; it’s the power! Whether you are trying to cut across an ancient log or a long leaf pine grain, use the Greenworks GCS80450 chainsaw Pro, and you will love its performance.

Great Battery Life

These batteries are rechargeable and recharging is simple and quick. All you do is slide the battery into the unit then let it charge. A 2AH 80V battery takes less than an hour to be charged fully. The machine is designed to accommodate a small fan that is built in the battery charger whose purpose is cooling the massive Lithium-Ion battery pack.

So, how long does it take the battery to die off? From the product’s description, it says that you can have up to 150 cuts if your 2AH battery is fully charged. Well, from my research and analysis this is the case. It never disappoints and works as advertised.

Features and Specifications:

  • 2AH battery fully charged = 150 cuts. Battery and charger not included
  • Delivers a performance equivalent to that of 45cc gas engine
  • Has electronic chain brake, durable metal wrapped around the handle, and steel bucking spikes for a safe operation
  • Standard 80V 2AH batteries take a rapid 30 min charge
  • Compatible charger and battery models: GBA80200, GCH8040, and GBA80400

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Customer Reviews and Scores

This product had 16 reviews on Amazon by the time I was writing this review, and an average rate of 4.6* out of 5*.

All these reviews were positive apart from a customer who gave it a 3* because he wished it had a case. However, finding a case is not a problem. You can get a good one from tool manufacturers or aftermarket.

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Final Verdict

I highly doubt that you can find a machine with features that are complimenting each other to give you the best services like GreenWorks GCS80420 Chainsaw 18” Cordless Chainsaw does. I like its performance, and I highly recommend it. It’s worth the money.

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