Black Decker LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw Review

Are you looking for the perfect chainsaw which is lightweight like, efficient and durable? Does your daily routine involve cutting live and dry wood for long hours and you need an efficient piece of outdoors equipment that will handle each day easily without failing?

How many chainsaws have you owned and have they lasted long enough to provide a good return on investment? There are many chainsaw brands and models to choose from. If you want an effective piece of equipment, a battery powered chainsaw will be the best option.

Other characteristics you should look for include its weight, ease of use and maintenance as well as durability. The Black Decker LCS1240 Chainsaw 40-volt cordless chainsaw, 12 inch comes fitted with these and other features which make cutting through wood an easy and safe task.

Battery Operated

Forget about having to fill up the gasoline tank and the pungent smell coming from your chainsaw. The LCS1240 is battery operated meaning you spend less time troubleshooting motor startup problems and concentrate on cutting tasks.

The 40 volt battery provides enough kick to cut through even the thickest of logs. If you worry about the amount of time battery operated chainsaws last, the LCS1240 provides enough power to cut through 60 4X4 pieces of lumber.

That’s a couple of hours cutting. In addition, a fully charged battery will retain its power for up to 18 months when the chainsaw isn’t in use.

Black Decker LCS1240

12 Inch Low Kickback Bar and Chain

A long chainsaw bar is prone to bending and vibration. The 12 inch Oregon bar minimizes this as well as improves cut precision. The chainsaw also features a no tool chain tensioning feature. You won’t need to worry about carrying a tensioning pin or even misplacing it when you’re out in the woods. This feature also allows you to tension the chain with precision to prevent jamming and also increase cutting speed.

Automatic Oiling

Oiling is a necessary procedure to ensure that your chainsaw remains in good working condition longer. Manual oiling is usually a dirty business and take take up most of your time. The automatic oiling feature of the Black & Decker LCS1240 does the oiling for you.

This is done at intervals ensuring that all moving parts remain lubricated for the cutting jobs at hand. The unit also includes a clear window to the oil compartment which allows you to know when it’s necessary to top up with oil at a glance.

Features and Specifications:

  • 40 volt MAX lithium ion battery
  • Compact lightweight design
  • 12 inch Oregon low kickback bar and chain
  • No tool chain adjustment
  • Auto oiling
  • Wrap around bale handle for easy handling
  • Battery charger

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Customer Reviews and Scores

The LSC1240 has an average score of 4.7 from 57 customer reviews. Majority of customers found it a good investment and would recommend it. The few unsatisfied customers pointed out that it doesn’t quite hold up for intense cutting jobs without the battery needing a recharge. It’s worth noting that battery operated chainsaws are primarily designed for small cutting jobs such as trimming trees as opposed to felling large trees. It works best if you use it for home and backyard tasks.

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Final Verdict

Battery operated chainsaws are a good addition to your outdoors equipment arsenal. When selecting one, you must consider factors such as weight, durability, ease of maintenance and use. The Black & Decker LCS1240 40 volt chainsaw stands out on this front. This is evident from the overwhelming positive reviews it has received from consumers.

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