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Smoothing a surface can be such a tedious job when done manually with hand and sand paper like the olden days. In the modern times, however, such jobs have been a walk in the park due to the modern inventions displacing the manual hand on paper smoothing.

Palm sanders are tools which are connected to an electrical power source, and sander moved to achieve a smooth finish on a piece work. The best palm sander is hand held to ensure the work has a human touch on it for precision.

The problem is not finding one, there are many palm sanders out there, but only one can fit your specifications and needs. Finding it can be very tricky. That is why I have compiled for you some of the best palm sander I have used.

Best Palm Sander - Comparison


Product Name

Power Source

Item Weight


Makita BO5041 Random Orbit Sander

Makita BO5041 Orbit Sander


3.1 lbs

PORTER-CABLE 380 Orbital Finish Palm Sander



3.5 lbs

ATD Tools 2088 Random Orbital Palm Sander

ATD Tools 2088 Palm Sander

Air Powered

1.5 lbs

DEWALT DWMT70781L Palm Sander

DEWALT DWMT70781L Sander

Air Powered

3 lbs

WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander

WEN 6301 Palm Sander


2.5 lbs

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Palm Sander

Choosing an optimum product requires you to vary the various needs of different projects. When choosing a product that is ideal for you, consider the following factors

Performance And Power

The bigger the motor better. But sanding requires you to apply light pressure on the work piece. This only requires a considerable motor power and not necessarily a big one. Also, put into consideration that vibrations can cause discomfort to your hands.

Best Palm Sander

Weight Considerations

As you know very well, sanding requires a human touch. For this reason, it is hard to work with a heavy one. For your use, you can choose one that you are comfortable with. However, you might want to think of any other person who might use it. Will it be heavy for them?

For those who have not had experience with sanding, try holding the item above the ground for a few minutes. Now think about holding it in awkward conditions such as bending, standing. You will have to go for a lighter sander.


This is one of the quality features to look for. A slipping sander makes work not only difficult but gambles on the quality of your workpiece. The majority of sanders use twin grip, meaning it lets users hold it by the top or around the waist.

Consider this feature for the reason that when using the sander, you are bound to get fatigued. Choosing a sander with rubber or cushioned makes gripping them a comfortable experience.

Ease Of Paper/Disk Change

It is crucial that you consider checking the availability of replacement disks. It shouldn't be a task finding a sander's disk. However, for the swiftness of replacement and project needs, you might want a very smooth transition of the disk as opposed to going from store to store looking for the fitting one for your sander. I advise you to buy the disks in bulk and store them to eliminate such hassles.

Dust Collection

Palm sanders produce very fine dust. This dust might be harmful to your eye, make the whole place untidy while completely not a healthy place for an asthmatic individual. For this reason, consider a sander with built in dust collection. Such sanders have fans that pull dust through holes of the sander into a fabric bag.

Best Palm Sander Reviews

Here are among the best of them;

Makita BO5041 Random Orbit Sander

Editor's Rating:

The Makita Orbit Sander is one of the few sanders in the market that combines power, speed and great performance to give you an exceptional wood sander.

The model itself is built of 3 AMP motor and is ideal for woodworkers, finish carpenters and general contractors.

One of the unique features of this palm sander is its variable speed control dial that enables the user match sanding speed to the application. This is a really important feature since certain jobs need particular speeds to operate. You will be love how quiet the sander is. It's also easy to manage with one hand.

For dust collection, the Makita collects almost all the dust by sucking up through the eight holes in the disk in such a way that you won't notice dust coming from the circumference. I am satisfied that this machine will do a perfect job for you

Highlighted Features

  • Smooth and fast sanding with 3.0 AMP motor
  • Has a variable speed control dial of 4000-12000 OPM that enables user to match the sanding speed to their application
  • Designed with an ergonomic rubberized palm grip and handle for users comfort and control
  • Has more power and faster sanding and a smooth finish
  • Has an adjustable front handle that allows for sanding in corners and other confined areas
PORTER-CABLE 380 Orbital Finish Palm Sander

Editor's Rating:

The Porter-Cable is a sander that orbits rather than oscillates like other sanders.

This, in turn, means fewer scratches and very smooth finish on your wood. If you have used sanders before you know how oscillating tools can be a problem.

Vibrations can be a real menace when working with oscillating sanders so when you find an orbiting sander, know that you have a quality sander.

The porter cable sander apart from that is a sturdy and compact. Users have given it positive reviews due to its long lasting capability.

It's hard to find fault with this model. Have I mentioned it has a dust sealed switch that protects against dust ingestion? Awesome right? You won't find this useful until you try it yourself and find out what I am talking about. I highly recommend this model

Highlighted Features

  • Design reduces fatigue
  • With 2.o AMP motor moves at 13500 OPM hence providing a superior finish
  • Its dust sealed switch protects against dust for longer life
  • It has a dual plane with counter balanced low vibration design that reduces operators fatigue
  • This design provides a longer switch life
ATD Tools 2088 Random Orbital Palm Sander

Editor's Rating:

With the ATD tool what you get is a compact machine with an ergonomic cushion grip that gives you more comfort and less fatigue.

The sander itself does amazing jobs for simple or fairly complex works. I find it easy to use with its adjustable flow rate for speed.

Working with should be struggle-less. You just push the lever down with the palm of one hand and the orbital action of the ATD tool palm sander delivers a smooth swirl free finish on the sanding or polishing job.

All this does not need a lot of pressure really, and this sander uses only 10000 RPM free speed to generate the high-quality swirl free finish. On top of that, it lasts longer, so users of this model don't have much to complain about. I highly acclaim this piece

Highlighted Features

  • Its random orbital action assures a swirl free finish
  • Has a sanding pad of 6-inch diameter PSA-style
  • Has a working pressure of 90 PSI and free speed of 10000 RPM
  • Has a 3/16 inch orbit for rapid material removal
  • It a lightweight compared to other designs
  • Offers low vibration and ergonomic grip for more comfort and less fatigue
  • Average air consumption is 2.8 CFM

DEWALT DWMT70781L Palm Sander

Editor's Rating:

The Dewalt have revolutionized the palm sander manufacturing industry. Especially palm sanders meant for industrial use. The Dewalt DWMT70781 should be good news to furniture manufacturing stores

First of all a glance at the features of this tool and you will be stunned at the additional features.

The first thing I noted with the sander was how lightweight it was. Just 2lbs means that you won't have a hard time managing this piece. Another feature I noted was the touch controlled trigger which also recesses flush into your palm grip when you are tired. This makes using this model very comfortable even after using it for a long time.

You can tell that Dewalt manufacturers invested in this piece. They had to because when targeting big furniture makers, they have to put their strong foot forward and truly this is their best foot. Get yourself one before stocks run out.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a composite body design
  • Has cushion grip housing covers for secure palm grip and tool protection
  • Has a touch control trigger
  • Orbit diameter of 3/32 inch and spindle diameter of 5/16 inches
  • ¼ air inlet
  • Runs at 12000 RPM
  • It is designed to work with hook and loop pads
  • Only 2.0 lbs. of weight
WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander

Editor's Rating:

The WEN 6301 Electric Palm Sander is a real power in the palm of your hands. This palm sander ensures a clean and smooth finish to your work piece by using only the palm of your hands.

It's astounding 13500 oscillations per minute will almost definitely add efficiency and precision to your work.

With only 1 AMP, this model sure is a lightweight design hence you won't get tired using it. Other super features with this model include its ergonomic grip made to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand while the rubber backing prevents slippage.

Furniture makers will back me that it's hard to find a model with a hook and loop base pad that allows quick and simple sandpaper removal and installation, so this model is a go for me.

Highlighted Features

  • The model is of lightweight design
  • Its dust collection port helps minimize loose sawdust
  • Has one very powerful AMP motor which provides 13500 OPM
  • Features an inch pad with angled tip for precision work
  • The model features a Velcro base pad that allows simple sandpaper removal and installation
  • Ergonomic grip

Final Verdict

By now you can understand how difficult it is to choose one. I mean, all of them seem good and can perform the job well. However, since this guideline has gone a step further and explained the factors to consider, I trust you will choose the right one.

A solid sander with a smooth and fine finish will do for you. Plus they are affordable. So grab one before prices go up.

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