Best Gas String Trimmer – Guide & Reviews

Do you have tough fence lines to cut along? Deep and tough grass and weed? Get yourself a trimmer and get the job done. A lightweight, reliable and an easy to use trimmer is what you need.

Purchase one of the best gas string trimmer and get to work continuous hours with the machine since the best are designed to give you longest period of continuous use.

This article gives you the best gas string trimmers. They are powerful and the best at any price point and all superior compared to other types of trimmers.

Be offered great warranty and the best machine that is well and solidly constructed and runs smoothly without any difficulties. If you purchase any of the gas string trimmers then be sure to experience the best service and have the perfect fence lines, no more weed and short grass around your house or office.

Best Gas String Trimmer - Comparison

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Gas String Trimmer

There are a few things that always influence the process of choosing or rather purchasing a product. I came up with a list of factors for you to consider when you are looking into purchasing the best gas string trimmer. If you put them into consideration, then you are sure to make the best decision.


There are trimmers with two cycle engines and others with four cycle engines. Two cycle engines run on a mixture of gas and oil while four cycle engines don't require a gas-oil mix and run smoother than two-cycle motors.

Best Gas String Trimmer


Everyone loves a machine that is durable enough to serve a good number of years. Choose a machine that is compact and solidly constructed with steel to make it stronger and therefore durable. Yes, the material used to make the machine determines its durability of course apart from the way you handle the machine.


High quality is what we all run for when it comes to machines. Purchase a trimmer that is made of a high quality material to make it serve you well. High-quality machines perform much better than low-quality machines and are also more convenient.


The weight of the machine matters a lot. You should consider purchasing a trimmer that is lightweight and not one that is heavy because one that is heavy and hard to handle. One that is light is pretty easy to handle.

The weight of the machine matters a lot. You should consider purchasing a trimmer that is lightweight and not one that is heavy because one that is heavy and hard to handle. One that is light is pretty easy to handle.

Best Gas String Trimmer Reviews

Here are the most famous best gas string trimmers;

Husqvarna 224L Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer

Editor's Rating:

No purchase can please you the much the purchase of Husqvarna 22L 25cc 4-Stroke Straight Trimmer does.

It is a great machine that starts easily and runs smoothly sparing you from all the stress one goes through when trying to start it.

It is much stronger than any other trimmer available. It can never give you any balancing power as it solidly designed to be stable. The machine gets you and your lungs away from the smell of oil.

Exceptional Features

  • It features an air purge system which removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting
  • The smart start system for the engine and the starter are designed in such a way that the machine gets to start quickly with minimal effort saving you a lot of energy
  • It is lightweight to give you an easy task when using it. It weighs 11.24 pounds so you can be able to carry it around
  • It features four-stroke engine that allows you to avoid the hassle of mixing oil and fuel
  • The machine is made of high-quality materials making it last for a good period
Hitachi CG22EAP2SL Shaft String Trimmer

Editor's Rating:

How about you get yourself a trimmer machine that is efforts? Yes the Hitachi CG22EAP 25L 2-Cycle String Trimmer is the machine that can offer you that.

It has an S-start effortless and reliable starting system that reduces the amount of pull-force required for fast and easy start-up.

The protective cover it is designed with covers or rather shields the fuel tank from wear and tear. You can never go wrong with the machine. Just pick up the manual and get going because the machine will never fail you at any point.

Exceptional Features

  • The machine weighs 11 lbs, and it is very well balanced for ease of use and vulnerability
  • It features an anti-vibration system that provides maximum comfort to get more done with less fatigue
  • The machine is constructed with solid steel 60-inch drive shaft to enable you to apply more power to the gear head. The solid steel also makes it durable enough to serve you more than you expect it to
  • It is easier to start the machine. This is made possible by a Walbro carburetor with a purge bulb
  • The 21.1cc pure fire two-stroke engine of the Hitachi CG22EAP 25L 21.1cc 2-Cycle String Trimmer meets emissions level without sacrificing power or creating maintenance issues.
Husqvarna 128LD Straight Shaft String Trimmer

Editor's Rating:

It feels great and worth it to purchase a machine that works great and perfect right out of the box.

A machine that serves you reliably without any technical problems and is easy to maintain. The Husqvarna 128LD 17-Inch Trimmer is the machine.

The engine works flawlessly and has ample power. You can be sure that the machine compares as good and as better that any trimmer machines you have operated before. It’s easy operation is what is attractive about the machine, and you can never say no to the price as the machine is much great for the price.

Exceptional Features

  • The machine comes with easy loading T25 semi-automatic trimmer head
  • It is lightweight enabling you to carry it around with you when doing the trimming around your home or office
  • It is pretty easy to use. It comes with a manual that has instructions to guide you on how to start up or use the machine
  • It features a smart start recoil system to provide you with a stress-free and
  • Easy startup of the machine
  • The machine gives you the ability to attach other equipment to the machine.

Tanaka TCG22EAP2SL 2-Cycle String Trimmer

Editor's Rating:

The most amazing thing about the Tanaka TCG22EAP2SL 2-Cycle String Trimmer is that is powered by a heavy-duty 21.1 cc commercial grade engine that provides reliable power and durability expected from a professional grade trimmer.

It is the ideal machine for you if you demand performance, reliability and durability all backed up by warranty.

It is lighter compared to other brands, and its balancing is great. It is a must buy a machine for you because I can assure you that using the machine will give you the best experience of having the best machine.

Exceptional Features

  • The Tanaka TCG22EAP2SL 2-Cycle String Trimmer features an anti-vibration system that provides maximum comfort to get more done with less fatigue
  • The S-Start and reliable starting system of the machine reduce the amount of pull force required for a fast and easy start-up
  • The two strokes engine meets emissions levels without adding weight or creating any maintenance issues for you
  • Its semi-automatic trimmer head provides you with hassle/stress-free operation
  • It is designed to last long. The durability is made possible by the drive shaft that is made of solid steel which also contributes to applying more power to the gear head.
Ryobi RY51930 17 inch String Trimmer

Editor's Rating:

I bought this trimmer to replace my previous trimmer which was giving me maintenance problems.

It was a good idea to buy the Ryobi RY51930 17 inch String Trimmer as I have used it for quite some time now. I have used it all summer, and it is still in a perfect condition as it is solidly constructed.

It is easy to assemble and handle and using it is not a problem at all because it comes with a manual that gives you instructions and guidelines on how to use the machine. I was impressed by how quiet it is. It works great as a charm and great worth the price.

Exceptional Features

  • The forged steel alloy crankshaft provides balanced movement for less vibration and longer engine life
  • The ergonometric handle is padded for comfort and reduced operator fatigue
  • It features a split-shaft coupler to allow you to interchange your trimmer quickly and easily with Expand-it attachment tools
  • The trimmer is powered by a commercial-grade full-crank engine with anti-vibration to ensure an easy and smooth professional performance
  • It's shaft attachments which are sold separately allow the machine to transform into a variety of yard tools for your convenience.

Final Verdict

If you invest in any of the above string trimmers, consider just picking up a better head right from the start. They are all powerful, and you cannot say no to their features.

Among all other gas string trimmers, I recommend the above gas string trimmers when it comes to cutting grass and weed. Make your decision and purchase a gas string trimmer of your choice.

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