Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer – Guide & Reviews

The days of trimming manually with shears are gone with the wind. It is however still paramount to keep your hedges, bushes and longer branches of good size and eye-catching. These jobs can be difficult to do when you don't have the right tool.

Once you go through this article, I promise you won't find difficulty in choosing an ideal trimming tool. You are also in luck because I have also given a few examples of the best gas powered hedge trimmer, so you won't have to strain to look for the best.

Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer - Comparison

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

Before anything more, please consider these factors before settling on a particular gas powered hedge trimmer.


The gas-powered are the strongest regarding the engine. You will find the engine between the blade and the handle. As you will see with the best gas powered hedge trimmers, I am about to review below, and their engine powers are measured for power regarding cubic centimeters or cc if you like.

Obviously, with cubic centimeters, the higher the number, the more the power the engine comes with. 21-26 cc is the average for gas powered hedge trimmers. 

This amount of power should be more than enough for you to perform your duties. However whenever you need high power trimmers, be sure to go for the highest number concerning cc.

Cutting Bar Length

It's equally as important to check for the size of the trimmer. According to the job you are about to work on, it will guide you in choosing the best blade size for you.

Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

The average lengths of cutting bars for gas powered trimmers are about 18-30 inches. These should be the longest among other trimmers.

When choosing a longer in length cutting bars, remember that the more length you want, the heavier the trimmer will probably be possible shortest time.

However, due to the versatility of models with longer cutting bars, it is advisable to choose this if you can manage the weight.

Noise Levels

One little problem with the gas-powered trimmers is that they are very noisy. But comparing to the power that they bring to the table and their efficiency in work done, we shouldn't be complaining.

However, in case you don't like noise when working, settle on a model that has low noise emission than the rest. This is because some models have noise reduction capabilities.


Using a hedge trimmer causes fatigue. This is in consideration of your trimming job or whether you are cutting at a longer height. It is apparent that the heavier the trimmer, the faster it is bound to tire you out, so beware of the weight of the model you settle.

Another factor you might want to look into in addition to being lightweight is comfy while using the model. If you have used a hedge trimmer before, you know of the vibrations that come along when using it.

They can cause such discomfort. Apart from this, there are handles and balance. A model with two handles will reduce such discomfort and are recommendable.

Other Features

If you find models with all these features, then it's time to look at other additional features that make the best gas powered hedge trimmer exceptional.

For example, some models have anti-vibration dampeners that absorb vibrations; some have features such as the ability to remove air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting and stop switch automatically resetting to the on position to enable easier starting, all which make the model ideal for you.

​Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Here are the most top rated gas powered hedge trimmers;

Husqvarna 122HD60 Dual Action Hedge Trimmer

Editor's Rating:

If you need a great product to make life easier in trimming jobs, then you should try the Husqvarna 122HD60 Hedge Trimmer.

This particular trimmer has a nice design with an easy to start operation and a commendable job in the end.

The model itself is made to ensure there is low-noise-emission. You can be sure your neighbors won't come complaining of the noise pollution. As opposed to most hedge trimmers in the market today, this model is light, so you won't strain while carrying it.

Not only does it ensure non-strain while carrying but also while working. The model has a low vibration feature that ensures no or very minimal vibration; as a result, reducing stress on your arms and hands.

As if this is not enough, manufacturers of this model have gone steps further and improved its cutting speed. So what you are getting with this model is nothing but quicker trimming with less strain. Is there anything more you would want in a trimmer? I highly recommend this piece

Exceptional Features

  • This model has a smart engine and starter has been designed such that the machine starts as quickly as possible with the least minimum effort
  • Turning off the machine will cause the stop switch to return to the start position for easier starting automatically
  • It is equipped with anti-vibration dampeners to absorb as much vibration
  • It has a rear handle that is adjustable to facilitate cutting the side and top hedges
  • The model also has a carburetor air purge system that removes air from the carburetor foe ease in starting
Poulan Pro PP2822 Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer

Editor's Rating:

Manicuring shrubs has never been easier than with the Poulan Pro hedge trimmer.

Like a hot knife through butter, the Poulan Pro is one of the few gas-powered trimmers that cut pretty much everything you throw at it.

Among the features that deserve mention with the Poulan Pro is its dual-sided serrated blades and its ability to cut up to 22 inches in length. This is a commendable job for the manufacturers since other competing models barely cut 21 inches.

Comfort is another prowess that this model features. The Poulan Pro hedge trimmer allows you to change position for a more comfortable and secure grip. Starting up is seamless with this model.

I also discovered it has plenty of power even hen handling tough jobs that more agility. This is one of the best gas powered hedge trimmers in the market today. You should consider this tool for your home and work use. I highly recommend it.

Exceptional Features

  • Has a 22-inch cutting length
  • It is dual sided with serrated blades
  • Powered by a 28cc engine
  • Its swivel position handle allows user to change positions to a more comfortable one with a secure grip
Tanaka TCH22EAP2 21cc Gas Hedge Trimmer

Editor's Rating:

You can tell that the manufacturers of the Tanaka Gas Hedge Trimmer had productivity and comfort in mind when making this piece of home equipment.

This is due to the user's ability to use it with less strain or fatigue.

The Tanaka hedge trimmer has awesome features including the forward facing exhaust to prevent burnt hedges. You have to conquer with me that this is one of the few hedge trimmers that have this feature.

Its S-tart feature is another talking point with this model. Studies have shown this feature to reduce the amount of pull-force by half.

Apart from productivity and comfort, the manufacturers were thoughtful of the user's safety. What would be the use of an efficient model when the user it at risk? Due to the sharpness of the blades, it was considerate of them to make them round tip.

This trimmer is ideal only for homeowners who are obsessed with performance, reliability, and durability. This model is for them

Exceptional Features

  • It has a forward facing exhaust that prevents burnt hedges
  • Has a purge bulb and S-Start for quick and easy starts
  • It is powered by a 21 cc commercial-grade 2-cycle engine for maximum reliability and durability
  • The model has 20 inch dual reciprocating commercial grade blades with safety tips
  • Features a 20-inch reciprocating grade blades with safety tips

Husqvarna 966532302 Hedge Trimmer

Editor's Rating:

You might want to note that this model comes from a manufacturer that is a household name with acclaims of producing products that stand up to the test of heavy use. 

Sodo does not expect less with this model either its other features including low noise emission and quick start.

The Husqvarna model itself is double sided with abilities to cut up to 18 inches. The noise emission with this model very low, neighbors won't realize you have a trimmer. It's also very light when using with admirable performance, making it not only efficient but also easy to use.

The model has additional backing by home-gardening clubs, giving this model a plus for buyers. This rating is rare to find with other hedge trimmers, and for your model to be approved, you have to score high in quality, design, performance and ease of use among other factors.

Visibly, this model performed exemplary in all these fields. I find this model an exception among others in the market today. Finding fault in this piece is hard. So I highly recommend it

Exceptional Features

  • Starts quickly with minimum effort
  • Has low noise emission and is also light weight
  • Has an effective anti-vibration dampeners that absorb vibrations
  • Eliminates the air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting
  • Its stop switch automatically resets to the on position to enable easier starting

Final Verdict

The above hedge trimmers are among the best selling trimmers I could find for you today. I am sure one has caught your eye. Whichever it is, ensure it fits your job specifications and most importantly pocket-friendly.

Other than that, order your next gas powered hedge trimmer soonest before its demand skyrockets so as its price.

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