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Woodworking can be a hobby to some people, and this can only be achieved through the best tools which you are using. The interesting part in this kind of work is using the available tool to make curves and different angles.

A cordless jigsaw which is available in more than one type will help you achieve your mission when working. They are normally flexible and convenient to work with.

Normally, you can work with them in places where access to power is a problem, and this is because they have a built-in battery. Here are some of the best cordless jigsaws available in the markets;

Best Cordless Jigsaw - Comparison


Product Name

Power Source

Item Weight


Makita XVJ03Z LXT Lithium-Ion Jig Saw

Makita XVJ03Z Jig Saw


5 lbs




4.5 lbs

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 Lithium-Ion Jig Saw

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 Jig Saw


4.6 lbs

Black & Decker BDCJS20B Lithium Jigsaw

Black & Decker BDCJS20B


4.2 lbs

DEWALT DCS331B Lithium-Ion Jig Saw



9.8 lbs

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Cordless Jigsaw

Choosing a cordless jigsaw is not as easy as it is sound to use. It is one of the critical decision to select the best cordless jigsaw due to many options in the market. Here is a complete guideline that might help you.

The Batteries Voltage

The volts produced by your saw will enable you to do a lot of work. The higher the number of volts the longer your saw will run. The number of volts will also determine the power produced by the saw.

Best Cordless Jigsaw

Cutting Speed

The cutting speed will either be fixed or variable, and this is determined by the number of strokes that the saw's blade moves per minute and measured as SPM (strokes per minute).

Ability Of The Jigsaw To Blow Dust

The fixed or move able blowers enables the one operating the best cordless jigsaw to see the cut lines clearly as the blower clears the dust away. This will help you the operator to obtain perfect, accurate and precise cuts.


When using a jigsaw, you need to work comfortable with it to avoid injuries. This is normally achieved through good grips, and minimum vibration of the saw when it is operating.

Faster And Too-Free Change Of Blades

When looking for a good cordless jigsaw, this is one of the factors that you need to put into consideration as you know the blades can break and you need not waste time changing the blade.

Best Cordless Jigsaw Reviews

Until coming this position you all ready know how to choose the best cordless jigsaw. Still you are suggested to select our recommended cordless jigsaw to avoid doubt.

Makita XVJ03Z LXT Lithium-Ion Jig Saw

Editor's Rating:

For fast and efficient cutting you'll have to consider a Makita XVJ03Z Jigsaw as the manufacturer has built it with a variable speed motor that can deliver up to 2600 strokes per minute.

The saw can be used in a wide range of materials due to its 3-orbital setting and straight cutting.

The blade is easy to replace and to remove hence increasing the productivity rate of this saw. The saw has a sort of precision that makes the user comfortable while working with it as it has less vibration and the noise level is also low for more control hence a better performance.

Though it might be heavy for others, Makita is well built, and a long lasting saw. The large two-finger variable speed tiger has an added convenience for this excellent saw.

It gives out smooth, precise, accurate cuttings as it has the LED lights which help you to see what you are cutting as you control the speed. The battery is not a big deal as it lasts for a long time.

Exceptional Features

  • It is fast
  • Blade easy to replace
  • Comfortable to work with
  • Long lasting
  • Less noise

Editor's Rating:

If you love making some smooth or rough cuts with minimum effort, then a Porter Cable PCC650B Max Jigsaw is the best for you as the manufacturer has fitted.

It has three orbital settings that easily cuts along wide surfaces with an average speed of about 0-2500 SPM as it provides the cleanest and accurate cut.

It has been made with a dust blower which blows away the debris allowing you to view the cut properly and have the best angle ever. Changing the blades when they wear out is not a big deal with this saw as the manufacturer has fixed a tool free blade release which enables you to easily and quickly change the blades.

The saw has beveling shoe that enables you to make degree bevel cuts of about 0-45° cuts. Its contoured modeled handle provides comfort when using the saw. This tool won't fail you when cutting any material either plastic, metal or wood as it works perfectly on everything.

Exceptional Features

  • Allow you to use minimum effort
  • Provide clean and accurate cut
  • Can make acute angle cuts
  • Has blower
  • Have adjustable blades
  • Comfortable handle
Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 Lithium-Ion Jig Saw

Editor's Rating:

A jig saw with all the necessary features is a formidable choice Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 is not only a jig saw to cut wood but a complete set of the cutter that offers everything you want to a jig saw.

To ensure consensus long hours performance, it has 18 V cordless lithium-Lon batteries that work more than three times than a traditional battery.

If you are thinking that how you gonna holds the jig saw, it has soft grip handler that you can hold comfortably and increase productivity. 

All we know that different wood requires different speed levels, it has three different levels that you can choose as you need. Sometimes, operators are worried about performance and instant operation;

It has LED light for ensuring precise visibility cuts. Sometimes, most of the jig saw fail to cut in critical areas, with this you can relax, however, it can cut up to 45-degree angle that is one of the remarkable advantages of this one.

Exceptional Features

  • LED light visibility
  • Powerful Battery
  • 45 Degree angle cutting
  • Multiple speed settings

Black & Decker BDCJS20B Lithium Jigsaw

Editor's Rating:

A Black &Decker Lithium jigsaw is a light weight saw that performs better, and it's easy to handle. T produces compact portability and a good versatility when working with.

It features a tool free blade change that enables you to reduce the time wasted on changing the blades.

The saw is powerful with a delivery of 2500spm with an ease of a cordless tool. The manufacturer has fitted a dust blower in this device which assures you of a detailed cut as it clears the debris hence clearing the line of sight.

Also, a wire guard has been fixed in this tool to provide a clear line of sight when using the saw. The tool is best for accurate cuts through a multitude of materials as it is equipped with a variable speed trigger that allows you to control it comfortably with minimum pressure.

You're able to make angular cuts with this saw in both directions as the manufacturer has fitted in a 45-degree bevel shoe capacity that enables you to perform such operations. The saw uses both the T-shank and U-shank blades for perfect and detailed cuts for both curved and plunge cuts.

Exceptional Features

  • Good for precision cutting
  • Provides perfect curved and plunge cuts
  • Blower that provides clear line of sight
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Has a variable speed trigger for increased control
DEWALT DCS331B Lithium-Ion Jig Saw

Editor's Rating:

A well-built and very powerful cordless jigsaw which cuts different angles and can penetrate through a ¾ stock like butter.

The DEWALT DCS331B Jig Saw offers all metal lever action as the manufacturer has built it with key less shoe bevel for cutting different angular cuts from 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 30 degrees, and even 45 degrees cut.

The keyless blade change allows you to do a quick and easy change of the blades. The high-quality cuts are all achieved by the 4-orbital position action of a high-speed saw. The adjustable blower keeps the line of cut clear without chips and allows you to see what you are working on clearly.

The saw has a high speed at the rate of 0-3000spm for versatility in a large number of materials, and the saw has an anti-slip comfort which allows you to work for long without feeling uncomfortable. It grips well and has minimum vibration while controlling it. The saw accepts both the T-shank and U-shank blades for accurate and professional outcomes.

Exceptional Features

  • Has keyless blade change
  • The shoe bevel provides cuts different angles easily
  • High speed allows it to cut a multitude of materials
  • Adjustable blower for clear visual of lines
  • It provides professional results
  • It is easy to change blades

Final Verdict

There are a lot of jigsaws in the market that you can use, but you need to choose one that works well with you. The saw should be able to make the cuts that you want at different angles with good accuracy. It should not be heavy, and you need to be comfortable working with it for good outcome.

You should also choose the saw which will allow you to cut a multitude of materials depending on the speed of your blade and the accuracy that you will provide while operating the best cordless jigsaw.

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