Best Chainsaw Gloves – Guide & Reviews

Machines were invented to make work easier. Especially for people in construction and other heavy duty professions. Machines can, however, be dangerous if you use your hand as there are many moving parts.

You, therefore, need hand protection. This is where the best chainsaw gloves come in. They're used to protect your hands as you operate your chainsaw.

Not only are they protective but are functional as well. They offer you comfort as you use them. You don't have to complain ever again.

Best Chainsaw Gloves - Comparison

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Chainsaw Gloves

Chainsaw Gloves are a sensitive sort of subject especially since they are responsible for taking care of your hands. It doesn't matter if a professional or an amateur this should be your number one priority.

Leather Of The Chainsaw Glove

It's the world known the material for comfort and elegance. It's also tear resistant. This makes it suitable for heavy duty work. The more the leather in a glove, the more comfortable it is and the more protected your hands are.

It also provides a more firm grip in wet or moist conditions. It, therefore, reduces slip-ups of materials reducing accidents and injury.

The Chainsaw Lining

The lining is the inner material that makes the glove. Most chainsaw glove companies feature it in the left hand so that as you hold materials, your hands are protected from the chain. However, there are companies that feature it in both hands.

Best Chainsaw Gloves

The lining is designed to slow or stop the chain if it comes into contact with the best chainsaw gloves. This prevents injuries from occurring.

Kevlar Inclusive

This material is used in stitching to reinforce joints and seams normally in the palm, fingertips, and knuckles. It has twice the tensile strength of nylon and polyester. It, therefore, provides exceptional hand protection as you use the chainsaw.

En Standards

EN Standards are a quality assurance given by the EU after testing and ratification. They're done on products to ensure that they're safe for human use. When choosing the best chainsaw gloves there are 3 EN Standards to bear in mind:

EN 381-7- it's designed to test suitability for use with chainsaws. EN 381 covers chainsaw clothing with the -7 specifying chainsaw gloves. Each glove is put into contact with a moving chainsaw at different speeds till it cuts.

It then gives a classification. Class 1-16m/s. Class 2-20m/s. Class 3-24m/s. Class 4-28m/s. The higher the class, the better the protection. Gloves must, therefore, be EN 381-7 approved.

EN 388- these tests assess a glove's physical resistance to hazards like abrasion, cut, tear or pressure. Chainsaw gloves are used in harsh environments. It's important that they are durable to stand wear and tear. Choose a glove that's EN 388 approved.

EN 420- it covers the requirements for safety and construction. They include the following; gloves shouldn't impose a risk or cause injuries. The pH of the gloves should be as neutral as possible.

Categorically state any substances used in the manufacture that may cause allergies. It also ensures the gloves are sized to common hand sizes. Choose a glove that's EN 420 approved.

Best Chainsaw Gloves Reviews

After getting above instruction still if you have not decided yet then you can choose our recommended best chainsaw gloves.

Husqvarna 579380212 Protection Gloves

Editor's Rating:

The Husqvarna 579380212 Gloves give you an added protection when you're using a chainsaw. These gloves are cut resistant in the left-hand glove.

This is important especially when you're holding the material you're using the chainsaw on.

Both Husqvarna gloves feature a spandex fabric back. This makes it easy to stretch as you wear or take it off. They are also soft knitted with foam for comfort. It also makes it easy to wear and take off with no hand injury.

The pair of the gloves are made from goatskin which makes it comfortable to wear. The goatskin also draws off moisture from your hands during those days you get sweaty palms. They come in high visibility colors with a reflective Crown H logo.

Exceptional Features

  • Glove palms are made from goatskin leather material
  • Cut resistant in left hand
  • Have a spandex fabric back
  • They come in high visibility colors and have a reflective Crown H logo
  • Soft knitted cuff for comfort
Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L Gloves

Editor's Rating:

The Youngstown 05-3080-70-L Glove is lined with Kevlar. It's a heavy-duty all-purpose work glove designed to provide exceptional hand protection.

It also increases the cut and puncture resistance of this glove.

The outer glove features extensive non-slip reinforcement for excellent grip and lasting durability. It also includes a supportive cuff, padded knuckle, and soft terry cloth thumb wipe. This allows you to wipe the sweat off your brow as you work.

These gloves are designed for any work other than chainsaw related ones. For example; general construction, utility field work or landscape work.

The glove is machine washable. It's however recommended to air them outside in the sun to dry. They are available in all sizes.

Exceptional Features

  • Fully lined with cut-resistant DuPont Kevlar
  • Non-slip reinforced for fingers, thumb, and palm
  • Unique terry cloth thumb for wiping sweat from your brow. You can also wipe debris from the surfaces you're working on
  • Supportive cuff provides a tight fit at the wrist
  • Come in all sizes from small to XXX-L
Echo 99988801602 Chainsaw Gloves

Editor's Rating:

The Echo Chainsaw Gloves have two layers of Kevlar lining on the back. Kevlar makes the glove durable and cut resistant.

It also gives you superior hand protection as you use your chainsaw. The gloves have foam pads on the palms.

These pads reduce vibration that may be caused by the chainsaw. They also make the glove easy to wear and take off without causing hand injury. Doubled up with it is the goatskin leather on the front. It wicks away moisture in cases when your palms get sweaty. It also provides a firm and comfortable grip.

The gloves have reinforced fingertips and knuckles for an even more, firm grip and comfort. They have a Velcro wrist closure that provides a tight fit at the wrist. It prevents the gloves from slipping out when in use. It comes in X-L size.

Exceptional Features

  • Double layers of Kevlar lining at the back
  • Foam pads on the palms reduce vibration caused by chainsaw
  • Goatskin leather on the front that allows for comfort. It also wicks away moisture caused by sweaty palms when working
  • Reinforced finger tips and knuckles for a firm grip
  • Velcro wrist closure to provide a tight fit at the wrist

Husqvarna 584955102 XP Professional Gloves

Editor's Rating:

The Husqvarna XP Gloves have a reinforced rubberized grip pads on the palms and fingertips. It minimizes slip-ups. It allows for an easy, firm and comfortable grip as you work.

The gloves are made from a collection of high-quality material or different parts.

They include a synthetic leather palm that draws off sweat and moisture as you work. Spandex fabric back for easy wear and taking off. Ventilated finger walls that regulate air flow into and out of the glove.

The gloves have a heavy duty elastic cuff with Velcro closure. It gives you a secure fit at the wrist. It's also adjustable in cases when you feel the need to.

They come in high visibility colors with a reflective piping and Crown H logo.

Exceptional Features

  • Palms and fingertips have reinforced rubberized pads
  • Synthetic leather palm and spandex fabric back
  • Ventilated finger walls for air flow regulation
  • Heavy duty elastic cuff with Velcro closure offer a secure fit around the wrist
  • Come in a variety of high visibility colors. They also have a reflective piping and Crown H logo
VonHaus Certified Chainsaw Safety Gloves

Editor's Rating:

The VonHaus Chainsaw Safety Gloves are manufactured using smooth leather and technologically advanced materials like Dyneema Cloth.

The materials offer protection to prevent injuries from chainsaw blades.

The gloves have an elastic knitted cuff. It provides extra comfort and fit for your hand. The elastic cuffs also prevent dust and debris from getting into the glove which may be inconveniencing and uncomfortable.

The protection provided is on the left-hand glove only. It's certified to EN381-7, class 0, 16 meters per second. This prevents hand injuries especially when you're holding down the material you're working on.

The gloves come in a size 8 Medium (8.5-9" / 23cm).

Exceptional Features

  • Combination of leather and advanced Dyneema cloth material for prevention of injuries
  • Elastic Knitted cuff for comfort and prevention of dust
  • Protection is provided on the left hand only EN381-7, class 0, 16m/s
  • Come in a size 8 Medium (8.5-9" / 23cm)
  • Suitable for both domestic and professional use.

Final Verdict

These reviews describe the Best Chainsaw Gloves used worldwide by professionals. They're functional, comfortable, durable and protective of your hand.

You can also get them in different colors. I would recommend that you buy any of the above chainsaw gloves. Keep in mind the things to consider.

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