Best Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood – Guide & Reviews

Winter is coming. Maybe it's already there depending on where you are. For this reason, you will need a heating solution to the cold weather that comes with it. You don't want your family to freeze in this kind of weather when you have trunks of fallen trees nearby. That's why you need a chainsaw?

Years back during a similar time, I had the same problem. I needed one but instead went for an axe. Yeah, I know how terrible the idea was.

I wasted time straining when trying to break huge wood chunks and ended up with only two pieces that weren't enough. I spent the next day researching for a good chainsaw which I bought afterward. Winter has never been the same for me.

But that was a few years back. Recently a friend was experiencing the same problem. I realized he is not alone. So I compiled a few experiences I have had during buying and using chainsaws. But first let's look at the factors to consider.

Best Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood - Comparison

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood

If you are a serious cutter, you know very well what I am talking about.

Engine Type

There are three commonly used types. The gas powered, the electric powered and battery powered. With Gas powered Power is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). The bigger the number the powerful the engine. However, more power the heavier.

Electric chainsaw's power is measured in Amperage (A). The higher the amperage, the more the power of the tool. Battery powered chainsaw power is measured in voltage.

The higher, the more powerful. They are the smallest and weakest. However, some batteries are more superior to others. Lithium ion is usually the more preferred for bigger project than the NiCad batteries.


Risk of injury is a constant threat to chainsaw users. Statistics claim of 100,000 injuries every year in the USA alone. Most of these injuries are caused lack of information.

Best Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood

Apart from the price of the equipment consider other safety features such as anti-kickback mechanisms. Wear protective gears during cutting. A good chainsaw offers such protective gears as part of the deal.


This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself before buying. Can you control the equipment? Can you maintain a good grip? Can you shut off without taking the hand off the handle? Is the saw too heavy for you?

All these questions boil down to your physical fitness. Your ability to handle, control and manipulate the chainsaw is dependent on these factors. Never use the best chainsaw for cutting firewood that is too big, too heavy or unbalanced.

Additional Features

Other features include its ergonomics such as; how comfortable is it to hold. You see being heavy and being comfortable are two different things. Design matters a lot while handling such kind of equipment for considerable amounts of time.


Chainsaws need considerable amounts of time when not using. This is for cleaning and basic maintenance to ensure its smooth running. Good chainsaws have guides regarding the maintenance and use.

You should consider this before buying. I would also advise you to go for a maintenance that is not too frequent or complicated. Or even better, no maintenance at all needed.

Best Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood Reviews

We already discuss about the best chainsaw for cutting firewood. Still if you are confused too many options in the market then you are suggested to choose our recommended chainsaws for cutting firewood.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Powered Chainsaw

Editor's Rating:

If you are looking for the perfect chainsaw that it not only powerful but lightweight, easy to start and also has safety measures to prevent kickbacks.

The Husqurna 455 Rancher might just be the chainsaw for you.

The manufacturer had the ordinary user in mind when making this model. You can tell from its exceptional features such as the brilliantly made anti-vibration technology that allows the user to experience comfort and eliminate fatigue when using it.

This chainsaw fits description of a high-end chainsaw except that it is readily available to all users at a considerable price than others

Experts have tested it and described it as capable of handling anything you throw at it. One thing I discovered myself with this piece is its fast cutting speed that allows you to get work done within no time at all.

Its incredible X-Torq feature is also worth mentioning it can reduce emissions, economical regarding fuel and efficiency. All these are ideal for the average firewood cutter.

Exceptional Features

  • The model has an x-Torq engine technology with capability of reducing fuel consumptions by 20% as well as emissions of up to 60%
  • Easier starting and lower risks of engine flooding
  • Has a centrifugal air cleaning system that removes dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter
  • Has a quick release air filter that is not only easy to clean but also to replace
  • Ergonomic front handles that give a comfortable grip and fatigue reduction
  • Has an adjustable oil pump that enables you to control amount of lubrication
GreenWorks 20312 G-MAX Cordless Chainsaw

Editor's Rating:

The GreenWorks40V 20312 Chainsaw is just but an excellent battery chainsaw with such power and efficiency that's impossible in a small package.

Medium-duty users are in luck from the innovation of this low maintenance, low noise and low vibration equipment that is also less chained.

All these modified features in a highly efficient model. Apart from these incredible innovations, this model has superb features that I would like to mention. Among them is the ability to charge the G-MAX 2Ah battery in 60 minutes.

At only 10.36 pounds, you can see how highly efficient the model is. In addition to all this, the model comes with an entire package that includes the chainsaw is a charger, carrying bag, manual. All these at an affordable price.

Other models charge these accessories at a price separate from the from the chainsaws price. So I would advise you to grab this item at your local store.

Exceptional Features

  • Its design offers up to 70% less vibration for user comfort
  • Brushless motor design that gives 30% more torque for great cutting performance
  • In matters safety, the model has a chain brake and a low kickback
  • The model can cut up to 100 cuts in a single charge
  • The battery is compatible with most GreenWorks power tools
Remington RM5118R Rodeo Gas Chainsaw Review

Editor's Rating:

Have you heard of the famous chainsaw that allows you to cut firewood with no difficulties at all?

If not, let me introduce you to the famous Remington Rodeo Gas Chainsaw. Great for its ease of start and use.

This model has one of the easiest setups I have come across in a chainsaw. I can confidently be a witness to its high cutting speed which experts put it at ten times the average chainsaw.

You might object to its heavy weight but honestly, if I will have to oversee the weight of a chainsaw and enjoy the benefit of its cutting speed and quality, then I would gladly do so without hesitation.

The cutting speeds the model is supplemented by its 51cc power engine. This makes the model's handling effortless and flawless running. The manufacturer has topped easy start mechanisms on it and the automatic oiler that provides consistent lubrication for chaining and bar for smooth cutting.

I get goosebumps describing this model. What more can I say? I like its design. This model will get you value for your money. I recommend it

Exceptional Features

  • The Remington has front and back antivibration handles for comfortable operation
  • Its 51cc 2 cycle engine with 18-inch low kickback bar and chain makes the model reliable for all conditions
  • Has a quick start technology that makes pull starts very easy
  • Includes heavy duty case bar and chain oil
  • The model also has a durable die-cast chassis with pro-grade crankcase and sprocket

EGO Power+ 14-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Editor's Rating:

The EGO power comes from a company that has been in the market for a decade resiliently remodeling over and over again for the perfect chainsaw to improve the user experience best.

Finally, with the innovation of the EGO Power+ 56V Corded Chainsaw, you can say their efforts have born fruits.

The reinvention of the EGO product has brought us a more effective and efficient design than the previous one. First of all their design is just amazing. Look for a photo of this piece of work, and I am sure you will love it.

Second its zero emissions, low maintenance will also make you fall in love with this equipment. Thirdly its ability to provide 40% more power than other rechargeable models is also a plus for me

All in all, the model is perfect for serious cutting business. Considering also it recharges at only 30 minutes! You will probably not get a machine like this anywhere.

Exceptional Features

  • The model has a hi-efficiency motor of 6300 RPMs
  • Can cut up to 100 cuts per charge
  • Designed for all-weather resistance
  • Has a powerful 56V battery that is interchangeable across all EGO power tools
  • Has a chain brake, hand guard, and a quick release trigger
  • Has a chain kickback brake for additional safety
  • Its automatic lubrication system means easier and lesser work for user
Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw

Editor's Rating:

If you look forward to a chainsaw that can cut tree trunks into small sizeable lengths of wood for your fireplace.

The wood burning stoves or kitchen, then you can trust the Sun Joe SWJ701E 18-Inch 14 Amp Electric Chainsaw.

The saw is very easy to handle with a weight of less than 10 pounds. This will ensure you don't get fatigued like other heavy equipment I had experience with. It also means lesser time in operating. You see with heavy equipment you surely are bound to get fatigued and rest a lot. But with this light model, work is continuous

Some important features include its automatic oiler to stop damages to the saw, hand guard for safety during kickback occurrences, kick back brake itself among many others. I recommend this tool for any serious firewood cutter.

Exceptional Features

  • The Sun Joe has an ergonomic handle that maximizes user comfort
  • Has a powerful tool with 14 amp motor that handles tough jobs
  • Designed with 18-inch self-lubricating Oregon bar and chain
  • It is a lightweight so that user won't feel fatigued
  • Has a hand guard and kickback brake function

Final Verdict

Those are some of the best chainsaw for firewood I have come across, some I have had the privilege to use. I hope you have found your most ideal chainsaw in my review.

If you haven't, it means that you know what you are looking for and the review has helped you in one way or the other. Remember the factors to check for when buying.

Do not buy an inferior chainsaw because you like the price. Some factors such as safety are more important for you because your life is priceless. So get the value. So go for your favorite one and get the value for your money.

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