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A jigsaw is the best innovation that the woodworking industry has ever received. The jigsaw makes the work of cutting wood sound and looks simple. The inner cutting which other tools cannot do is made easy by the jigsaw. This tool is a must have because they are versatile and portable.

There are various brands of jigsaws, but for the purpose of this piece, we will focus entirely on some of the best jigsaws ever produced by Bosch. I plan on giving out an extensive guide on how to arrive at a good jigsaw. It involves quite a lot of things.

It is important that a customer gets to know exactly what they want so as to avoid paying too much by purchasing a jigsaw with features that are unnecessary. Jigsaws are unique in the sense that they are specifically used for cut's that will take time and expend more energy.

Five of the best bosch jigsaw will be the focus of this discussion. The information conveyed should be of much help to those who do not know where to start in the world of jigsaws.

Best Bosch Jigsaw - Comparison


Product Name

Power Source

Item Weight


Bosch JS470E Top Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E Jigsaw


10.2 lbs

Bosch JS470EB Barrel-Grip Jigsaw

Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw


10.1 lbs

Bosch JS365 Top Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS365 Jigsaw


9.8 lbs

Bosch JS120BN Cordless Jig Saw

Bosch JS120BN Jig Saw


4 lbs

Bosch JS260 Top Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS260 Jigsaw


7.2 lbs

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Bosch Jigsaw

Just like other products, there are certain paramount factors which a customer ought to consider before purchasing the best bosch jigsaw. These factors make and determine the experience the buyer will have. The factors are the pillars or foundation of the jigsaw. I will highlight a few of the factors comprehensively.


Durability is determined by the material used to make the jigsaw. Assuming that we all know the physical structure of a jigsaw there is a part of it which is purely blade. The blade part is the most essential as it does the majority of the work.

A blade is made of metal, however, the type of metal used to make the blade is among the factors that will determine the durability.

Best Bosch Jigsaw

When a weak type of metal is used then definitely it will not last. Stronger and tougher blades result in longer service of the jigsaw. The material used on the other parts is also of the same importance. I recommend that you inquire and do research on the sustainability of the material used to make the Jigsaw.


The pricing of a product plays a significant role in the determination of whether to buy or not. You cannot buy what you cannot afford therefore always operate within your financial jurisdiction. Even though a customer might have insufficient funds that should not be a basis for settling for a shoddy jigsaw.

It is advisable to first set out a plan and know what you are willing to spend on a jigsaw. Proceed to identify the variety of jigsaws falling under that category and begin checking on the best features found in any of the marked jigsaws.

By doing that a customer will be able to make a good choice regardless of the amount of money they had.

Ease of use

The user is supposed to be comfortable at all times as he or she uses a product. According to the majority of the customers, this factor is of the essence. Without any ease of usage then the product is just useless.

In this scenario, one should pick a jigsaw that has measures in place which ensure that the user does not face any difficulties at any given time. For example by ensuring the handle is a bit more comfortable for the user as they use the jigsaw.

When purchasing a jigsaw check for yourself if you will be comfortable using it or you would be having difficulties each time you use it.


It is because of this factor that we can rank products and know which one comes top and which one comes last. A customer should do research thoroughly so as to have vast knowledge. The performance of a product such as a jigsaw can be determined by various aspects including views from past users.

Information on the different performance of the various jigsaws gets to determine which jigsaw a customer will pick. We are all after an incredible performance so as to get maximum satisfaction and a job well done.

Best Bosch Jigsaw Reviews

If you are wondering which are the best bosch jigsaws, here are some of the top models that you can check.

Bosch JS470E Top Handle Jigsaw

Editor's Rating:

Precision, power, and durability are the cornerstones of the Bosch JS470E Top Handle Jigsaw.

It is made from aluminum which is renowned for being tough and durable not forgetting it is resistant to negative elements such as rust.

The Bosch JS470E 120- Volt 7.0 Amp top handle jigsaw has a constant response circuitry which ensures that speed is maintained during work sessions without minimal interruptions. This system assures the user that there will be consistency regarding performance.

The user's comfort is guaranteed when using this product by the ergonomic top handle which has a soft grip at all times. The adjustable dust blower mechanism also makes it easy for the user to work since it always keeps the cutting lines clear.

Exceptional Features

  • The Bosch js470e 120- volt 7.0 amp top handle jigsaw has a tool- less blade ejection lever which helps the user by removing hot blades on behalf of the user when he or she wants to eject them.
  • To enhance accuracy and smooth operations, the Bosch js470e top handle jigsaw has plunging system which has been specifically designed for low vibration thus reducing noise.
  • There is a dial whose main purpose is to be used by the user to set the maximum speed when working on something.
Bosch JS470EB Barrel-Grip Jigsaw

Editor's Rating:

The user has been saved the trouble of touching hot blades by the inclusion of the blade ejection lever in the design of the Bosch JS470EB 7- AMP Barrel Grip Jigsaw.

The ejection lever makes work easier and a little bit faster then any other similar bosch jigsaw.

Another feature that works hand in hand with the blade ejection lever is the tool-less blade change which has the sole duty of offering fast insertion. The efficient working of this two mechanisms makes the results of the Bosch js470eb 7 – amp barrel grip jigsaw be more accurate and precise.

The user will fall in love with the end product. Long steady cuts can be made courtesy of the ambidextrous lock-on button. This ensures work is done to fit exactly what the user has in mind.

Exceptional Features

  • The multi-directional blade clamp available in the design of the Bosch js470eb barrel grip jigsaw provides superior grip of T-shank blades.
  • For smooth and aggressive cuts the Bosch barrel grip jigsaw has four orbital-action settings with different blade strokes.
  • To make work easier and efficient, there is a large, sturdy die-cast foot with steel insert and an on-board bevel wrench.
  • The 7 amp power motor avails more than enough power to handle almost all sorts of jobs whether when dealing with wood or steel.
Bosch JS365 Top Handle Jigsaw

Editor's Rating:

The Bosch JS365 120 Volt Jigsaw has earned its place among the top jigsaws because of its toughness.

It has a robust cast aluminum footplate that can withstand the toughest types of materials.

The constant response circuitry which seems like an essential feature in this jigsaw ensures that the desired speed is maintained at all times so as to achieve uniform performance and avoid inconsistencies.

The accelerator trigger controls the operating speed which of course is during work. Speed needs to be moderated and controlled so as to enable the user to proceed with precision when working.

Exceptional Features

  • Accuracy is enhanced by the precision machined plunging system and also to some extent the low vibration design.
  • For the comfort of the user, there is an adjustable dust blower that keeps cutting lines clear and large at all times.
  • The top handle has been designed to have a soft grip which is also comfortable to enable the user to enjoy the work session.

Bosch JS120BN Cordless Jig Saw

Editor's Rating:

The Bosch JS120BN Cordless Jigsaw has been enhanced to stand slightly above the other high ranking types of jigsaws that have been highlighted.

The manufacturer added a few essential features to this product to place it ahead of the rest.

There is an LED lighting system which gives the user extra lighting when necessary by enhancing lighting when cutting things. As an additional essential feature, the footplate has been made to adjust for bevel cuts up to 45 degrees.

The user can get maximum control of this device because of the compact, ergonomic barrel grip body. Once there is maximum control then precision and comfort will follow automatically.

Exceptional Features

  • There is on-board bevel wrench storage for convenience.
  • A fully counterbalanced low vibration plunge mechanism ensures extremely smooth mechanism.
  • The Exclusive multi-directional blade clamp provides superior grip of T-shank blades.
Bosch JS260 Top Handle Jigsaw

Editor's Rating:

Regarding power transmission and usage, the Bosch JS260 Top Handle Jigsaw can be labeled as the smallest.

It has 6 amp motor which is the least and most remarkable configured among the best-rated jigsaws discussed.

One thing that puts the Bosch js260 120 volt top handle jigsaw on the map has the most secure jigsaw clamping system. The number of features on this jigsaw is limited, and only the basic features are present.

Exceptional Features

  • The dial availed in the design is used to allow the user set the maximum speed for a while working.
  • The blade ejection lever makes the idea of touching hot blades to be a bygone case.
  • For smooth and aggressive cuts the Bosch js260 120 volt top handle jigsaw has four orbital-action settings with different blade strokes.

Final Verdict

As seen most of this jigsaws have similar features with some little variance which acts as the determinant for who gets to be at the top.

A customer is free to settle on any of the highlighted best bosch jigsaw and be assured of maximum performance and a great experience.

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