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Looking for the best benchtop planer? There are plenty of them in the market. Deciding on one or the type to buy can be puzzling. It needs a proper evaluation of all factors that come into play with benchtop planers including the kind of tasks you want it to operate. When all is said and done, it all settles down on efficiency.

You are in luck. I have covered some of the factors that come into play and also some of the best benchtop planers in the market. You don't need to go store to store looking for the best. Sit back and scroll down some of these.

Best Benchtop Planer - Comparison


Product Name

Power Source

Item Weight


DEWALT DW735 Two-Speed Thickness Planer

DEWALT DW735 Planer


105 lbs

Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer

Makita 2012NB Planer


62 lbs

DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Planer

DEWALT DW734 Planer


10.9 oz

WEN 6550 Benchtop Thickness Planer

WEN 6550 Benchtop Planer


79 lbs

Delta Power Tools 22-555 Thickness Planer

Delta Power Tools 22-555


58 lbs

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Benchtop Planer

When buying any tool, you just can’t buy any model that you come across. You need to out some factors so that you can get a perfect tool that will make your work easier. Here are some crucial considerations to make when buying the best benchtop planner.

Motor Horsepower

The more powerful a motor is, the more efficient and accurate it can be. Depending on the desires of your project, you will need a suitable motor to fulfill them. The benchtop planers I have reviewed are among the greatest in power you will find today ranging from 10-15amp.

Blade Speed

As you will see in the planer reviews, blades rotate at very high speeds, ranging from 15000-22000. Of course the more the knives in a blade, the higher the stroke count. You can imagine the number of stroke counts a 22000 RPM knife has.

Best Benchtop Planer

You may be thinking that the higher the speed, the better the quality, which is not the case. Certain woods require slower rates. Choosing a benchtop with adjustable speed is hence a wise decision to work with variable wood types.


Various types of planers have different price ranges depending on the manufacturers of the planers. Depending on your resource, choose a planer within your price range.

Cost is not necessarily the price tag of the equipment but also the total installation cost including the subsequent maintenance. Remember cheap is expensive.


An important question to guide your purchase is; can the planer perform the required responsibilities within the time it is needed? And then, is the final product appealing? These are just but the most crucial questions you should ask yourself before settling on one.

Always go for a planer that cannot be overwhelmed by increased work. Think about the future, you may need to expand your workshop to accommodate more. Therefore, a planer that has a huge motor capacity to accommodate this is most ideal.


This might be the last factor but not certainly the least. Remember power comes with responsibilities. You have to look for a benchtop planer that has its blades not exposed

With the kinds of high-speed rotation, it's easy for these tools to cause fatalities. Ensure you work with full attention on your wood and remember to have your work space free of obstacles. Prohibit children from your workshop too.

Best Benchtop Planer Reviews

Here are some of the best benchtop planers I could find.

DEWALT DW735 Two-Speed Thickness Planer

Editor's Rating:

The Dewalt DW735 is a powerful tool in used in the modern days. This tool is so good that it will handle any wood you feed on it. It is one of the few planers that are of a portable size and easy for transport.

Apart from these features, this model's rugged 15 AMP matches its efficiency in managing deep cuts in all types of woods you feed it.

Its three knife cutter head makes it ideal for any job you want it to do. These knives are not ordinary knives, they last 30% longer than other disposable knives. They can also be easily changed. All these features together with the motorized fan for quicker and easier wood shaving clean up makes this model perfect. I highly recommend it.

Exceptional Features

  • The model has Three knife cutter-head that deliver 30% longer knife life and makes knife change faster and easier
  • Its Powerful 15 AMP, 20,000 RPM motor handles larger cuts in wider materials with ease
  • Comes with an infeed and outfeed tables and an extra set of knives
  • Has a Two-speed gear box which allows users to change feed speed to enhancing cuts per inch
Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer

Editor's Rating:

The Makita 2012NB Planer is a portable planer with a simple yet compact design.

The planer is also incredibly quiet compared to other planers in the market today. It is ideal for those who specialize in woodworking jobs including all furniture manufacturing.

It is really disappointing as a woodworker when you find snipe marks on your wood. With this planer, that's a thing of the past. It features the interna-lok that makes chances of sniping as minimal as possible. You will like the model's user friendliness in portability and ease in disposing of its double-edged blades

The planer's 15 amp is also something to talk about. It's quite amazing how powerful it works with 8500 RPM while making very minimal noises. All these features you will enjoy with this model. I endorse this piece.

Exceptional Features

  • Has a very compact design with less weight for stress-free transporting
  • Has a low noise emission of just 83 decibels hence operators comfort
  • Its LED light indicate when planer is plugged into the power source
  • It is an ideal model with good engineering for faster, easier blade changes
  • Its design supports it stability
DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Planer

Editor's Rating:

The Dewalt DW734 is one of the most powerful bench top planers you will ever come across. The machine is large and efficient with over 20000 RPM backed by 15 AMP of raw performance.

This means it can handle absolutely anything. You just have to slide the wood through the machine.

The machine features a four-column carriage lock that reduces snipe easily. As if that's not enough, the model has three knife cutters that rotate as fast as 10000 RPM providing the finest finishes you will ever see.

All in all, the machine gives exceptional service with desired results. Its ease of using makes it suitable for both home and workshop use. Buy it and find your perfect match.

Exceptional Features

  • Has a Powerful 15-AMP with 20000 RPM motor handles for larger, deeper cuts in hardwoods
  • Its Three knife cutter-head with 10000 RPM provides 96 cuts per inch, one of the finest finishes of any portable planer
  • Effective dust and debris management
  • The model's reversible knives deliver 30 percent more knife life than other models without and make knife change fast and easy
  • The model's Four-column carriage lock radically decreases the movements that cause snipe and instability
  • The model is finished with an Extra-long infeed, and outfeed tables provide 33 ½ material support

WEN 6550 Benchtop Thickness Planer

Editor's Rating:

You cannot talk about bringing old wood and jagged boards back to life and fail to mention the WEN 6550 benchtop thickness planer.

This planer has granite table that gives worn out wood brilliantly smooth finishes. The smooth granite table never warps and provides enough support to wood passing on it

Its 15 AMP motor cannot go unnoticed. Its combination with the model's 2 blade cutting system manages to provide over 18800 cuts per minute for excellence in performance. 

The fan-assisted dust port is a bonus feature that is not common with other planers. Its purpose is to blast chips and sawdust out of the way. I didn't find any difficulty using this planer, and I don't think you will either. You should try it.

Exceptional Features

  • The model's table is made of granite to deliver a sturdy non-marring surface for wood to smoothly glide over
  • Has a fan assisted dust port that confiscates sawdust from workpiece
  • The plane boards up to 6 inches thick and 12.5 inches wide
  • The model's15 AMP motor delivers a massive 18800 cuts per minute at a 26 feet per minute feed rate
  • Equipped with rubber adjustment handles for maximum comfort when using
Delta Power Tools 22-555 Thickness Planer

Editor's Rating:

The Delta Power Tools is a planer that combines efficiency and power when straightening wood planks. With this tool, there is minimal user intervention.

I found this model pretty spacious too. This is unlike other planers that are compact and difficult to maneuver your materials in and out quickly

Some of the technical features include the 15 AMP power that is at a maximum to ensure the planer does not stall or do a bad job. In addition to this, the machine delivers enough torque to the two knives for this unit fast efficient and powerful surface shaving

This tool also has a dust collection system hence eliminating troubles we go through as woodworkers. I also find the delta safe since it keeps the knives away from the hands. This model is a go for me.

Exceptional Features

  • The Delta has a powerful 15A motor capable of handling small shop demands
  • It also has an adjustable infeed and outfeed tables to support long pieces and reduce sniping
  • The model has a four column design that provides excellent stability for smooth and accurate planning over some years
  • The model also features reversible dust port that allows for you to collect chips on either side of the planer
  • Also, has a quick change knife system with dual edge disposable knives to enable you to change knives with no difficulty

Final Verdict

I can't imagine how wood work was done before the invention of benchtop planers. It must have been some military work. Luckily we exist in an era where everything is made easier for us. Even though the reviewed the best benchtop planer come with a big price tag on them, their efficiency, and durability is unrivaled.

Consider the explained factors before buying and get the best out of a benchtop planer for your home or workshop use. The five products reviewed should fit any job requirement in addition to giving you value for your money.

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