Best 5 Inch Random Orbital Sander – Guide & Reviews

Sanders are power tools used for smoothing a surface using sandpaper or with any other abrasive material. The random orbital variety employs a mechanism where sanding is done by a round sanding pad that moves in tiny circles and simultaneously vibrating it, for both ultra-smooth sanding and stock removal.

Consumer models are all 5-inch. For every shop and DIYers alike, this item is a must-have, for it gives scratch-free, smooth finishes and is arguably the most versatile and portable electric sander.

Now, professionals who use these tools already know what I am talking about. New or potential users might not have known before, but I believe my brief introduction gave you a slight idea. Now that you are better placed to understand my review let's get you started with the things to consider before purchasing one.

Best 5 Inch Random Orbital Sander - Comparison


Product Name

Power Source

Item Weight


Dynabrade 56815 Random Orbital Sander

Dynabrade 56815 Sander

Air Powered

2 lbs

DEWALT DWE6421K Random Orbit Sander

DEWALT DWE6421K Sander


4 lbs

Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander

Black & Decker BDERO100


3.2 lbs

PORTER-CABLE 382 Random Orbit Sander



3.6 lbs

VonHaus 5-inch Random Orbit Sander

VonHaus 5-inch Orbit Sander


5.9 lbs

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best 5 Inch Random Orbital Sander

Before going into the market for a new orbital sander, here are some things to consider because they will be helpful when you acquire the sander for use.

Comfortable Grip

Because it is a hand tool that may be used for long periods of time, I recommend getting one that feels comfortable in your hand. Here, two things come to play; ergonomic design or the material the handle is made of e.g. a soft over mold. The latter also reduces vibration and minimizes fatigue.

Best 5 Inch Random Orbital Sander

When it comes to how a sander will fit and in your hand, different variables should be considered for example one's hand strength and hand size so if possible, while at the retailer's, hold the sander you are considering in your hand and see how it feels.

Dust Collection Feature

Some come equipped with a dust collection feature, where a vacuum sucks the discharged dust through holes in the pad and paper, then feeding it to a bag or canister. Not only does this ensure clean surfaces as you work, but also clean, the dust-free air in your shop hence you do not inhale the dust.

Also, dust may be of harm to the sander itself by clogging parts, rendering it useless. Until you incur those extra costs on the repair. With a dust collection feature, though, machine parts cannot be clogged by the dust, promoting longevity.

Variable Speed

Variable speed on this tool is well worth having, for it gives you control over the tool. An important aspect of a smooth finish is control, and to control you need to be able to choose from different speeds. To smooth a finish, the sander is run at a lower speed.

It is one of the things I would consider, and once you use the best 5 inch random orbital sander with variable speed, you will appreciate this feature.

Motor Power

Different sanders have different motors of different amperage with different RPMs (rotations per minute). Pick an orbital sander with power that fits your needs, be it heavy duty or light work.

Best 5 Inch Random Orbital Sander Reviews

The following are the best 5 inch random orbital sanders that I would recommend for you, after thorough consideration;

Dynabrade 56815 Random Orbital Sander

Editor's Rating:

The Dynabrade 56815 Orbital Sander has earned itself a reputation for innovative designs and excellence in the market.

Armed with a powerful .28 HP motor this particular model does efficient finishing of surfaces and deburrs a wide range of materials like wood, metal, primers, marble, stone and much more.

This is one of the best and most powerful sanders in the market, and here are some exceptional features.

Exceptional Features

  • Less vibration for the base has a rubber over mold that not only offers a firm grip but also reduces vibration by acting as a ‘shock absorber'. Not only that, but they also have vibration-absorbing rubber rings suspending the air motor for further minimizing of vibration.
  • Offers more power of 12,000 rotations per minute (RPM). The rotor utilizes five blades to produce more power. This composite rotor is strong and has great lubricating qualities.
  • Comfort platform that eliminates hand and wrist fatigue by providing wrist and hand support.
  • Dust particles are prevented from reaching the air motor by an anti-clog design on the tool. This creates an easy path of extraction and reduces dust contamination of the motor, which might lead to clogging. This feature promotes longevity.
  • Can be converted into a self-generated vacuum tool due to the availability of optional vacuum kits.
DEWALT DWE6421K Random Orbit Sander

Editor's Rating:

This lightweight, single speed sander has a powerful 3 amp motor that delivers 12,000 RPM.

It has a dust collection feature, which we have already established is a feature you want on your tool if you enjoy clean work surfaces and air.

The DEWALT DWE6421K Sander has vibration reducing qualities and a hook and loop pad. It is a must have if it fits your needs and budget. Here are some of its features;

Exceptional Features

  • Short design to allow the user to get closer to the work surface.
  • 3 amp motor that rotates the pad at 12,000 RPM.
  • Rubber over mold for a comfortable and firm grip.
  • Dust-sealed switch prevents dust from clogging it, promoting longer switch life.
  • Improved collection of dust and a one-handed locking dust bag that secures firmly to the tool for the collection of dust.
Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander

Editor's Rating:

For DIYers and woodwork professionals alike, the Black & Decker BDERO100 gives you the power, efficiency, and performance you need on your project, not forgetting an ultra-smooth finish.

It is a best-selling tool from the company with a compact design.

They have a short design, bringing a user close to the surface they are working on. This model is designed to be used with hook and loop sandpaper.

This type of sandpaper has a backing similar to that of Velcro and has hooks and loops that attach the sandpaper to the sander. This feature is worth mentioning because it enables easy and fast changing of the sandpaper.

Exceptional Features

  • Dust-sealed switch prevents clogging or jamming of the switch by dust particles and debris promoting longevity
  • Hook and loop system make changing the paper easy
  • Random orbital action ensures a high removal rate and quality, smooth finish

PORTER-CABLE 382 Random Orbit Sander

Editor's Rating:

I would recommend this tool for it is promising and will last after years of heavy duty work.

It is the most efficient sander in surface preparation for smoothing seams and coating, and for removing varnish, paint and old coatings.

It is a lightweight, easy to use sander, with a 1.9 amp motor that delivers 12,000 RPM for maximum sanding speed on smooth finishes. It also has a dual plane and a counterbalanced fan that minimizes fatigue when you have to work with it for longer hours. Some other exceptional features are as follows;

Exceptional Features

  • Unique controlled finishing system to control pad speed and give you more control over the tool and minimizes gouging at start up.
  • Dust sealed switch protects it against dust and debris, promoting longer switch life which translates to a longer life of the sander.
  • Maximum speed on smooth finishes.
  • Dual-plane, counterbalanced fan reduces fatigue, so the sander can be used for longer periods of time without tiring the user.
  • Uses 5 inch 8-hole hook and loop paper, which is fast and easy to change.
VonHaus 5-inch Random Orbit Sander

Editor's Rating:

This tool is simply stunning, regarding power, efficiency, performance, comfort, you name it.

The VonHaus Orbit Sander is a quality product with high-end specifications, sure to give you your money's worth.

The motor is powerful, 3.5 amp and will handle most jobs with ease. The speed motor is variable, varying between 6000-13000 RPM. This is easily my favorite feature because it gives you so much control over the sander, and over the type of finishes you want.

Making it even more impressive, is the light weight and ergonomic design with a soft grip for maximum comfort. This makes it more comfortable for larger and longer projects. Here are some more exceptional features;

Exceptional Features

  • Comes with nine free sanding pads and three free polishing pads as a treat to the user, so you don't have to spend on these things so soon.
  • Super-powerful 3.5 amp motor with a variable speed dial, adjustable from 6000-13000 RPM giving you more control, which is an important aspect of a smooth finish
  • Has an extra-large 5-inch sanding surface, to be used with eight hole hook and loop sandpaper, making changing easy and fast
  • Adjustable front handle with a soft grip. It is also ergonomically designed. All these enhance comfort while holding and using the sander.
  • Dust extraction port for orderly and easy extraction of dust and debris, with a dust collection bag.

Final Verdict

In my review are some of the best 5 inch random orbital sander out there that are used by professionals and DIYers, who will agree with me.

If you are searching the market for one, I recommend one of these but also carefully consider the specifications and make sure they fit your needs, before you buy.

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